Over time some software projects have piled up. Since most of them solve problems others might also have, I decided to put he results on my page.


As an author or co-author of software one has to be aware of the
advantages and disadvantages of different software licenses. Under my
time at the Security Engineering group I wrote the following summary
about different licenses. The text does not raise the claim to be
complete. It should only provide a short overview about the topic.


I like to do creative thinks. One of them is web design and web-page
development. The design of the web-pages is done in co-production with
the web-page owner. The implementation is my task. Links to the web pages designed or realized by my can be found on the Webdesign sub menu. Moreover, you will find the source for the horizontal navigation.


Since I have a home computer as well as a office laptop I always had a
synchronizing problem. My solution until now was to carry my laptop home
with me every day. This is no adequate solution! The goal was to use an
usb stick to transfer the home directory between the two locations.


Since I prefer Linux as operating system I have to find some way to run the one or other windows program on my system. The way I did for Wine and for KS Magelan are described at this section.