Corel Draw 11 for Wine

According to do the following steps:

  • copy MCSetup.dll and SWCustEN.dll to your system32 folder (you will find it on the Corel-CD)
  • start Setup.exe and proceed the setup

You do not have to use Win98. Now overwrite the libs:

  • download ‘msvcirt.dll’ and save the .dll in your system32 folder
  • launch wineconfig
    • in the tab ‘libraries’ type ‘wintab32’ into the combo box and add it
    • edit the listing for wintab32 and change load order to ‘native (Windows)’

Launch CorelDrw.exe from the winefile instead of calling ‘wine CorelDrw.exe’. You will find the .exe in ‘C:\\Program Files\\Corel\\Corel Graphics 11\\Programs\\’.

KsMagellan for Wine

KsMagellan is a program that allows one to inspect the contents of a KS-server. For more information have a look at the product homepage. The current version is only available for Windows NT.


  • Start "wine regedit" and import the file KSMagelan.reg
  • make a link in ‘.wine/drive_c’ from ‘windows’ to ‘winNT’
  • launch the Magellan installer
  • copy the file licence.key to ‘.wine/drive_c/Program\\ Files/Leikon/KsMagellanPro/’